Porsche 914 Parts (Grand Island)

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1. Eleven hose clamps. Two small (side vents) and nine large (control valves) $10.00-Sold.
2. Two transaxle mounts-upper-$4.00 each
3. Two transaxle mounts-lower-$4.00 each
4. Two brake reservoir clamps-have pits/pitting, are plated-$1.00 each. One sold, and one available.
5. Pedal board mounting bracket & stop bolt-$15.00
6. Two bolts-$3.00-Sold
7. Front top hood latch-$17.00-Sold
8. Two trunk luggage lights. One has paint on it, and a small piece chipped on it, and
other one has a crack by the mounting hole-$1.00
9. Engine lid pull knob & base-$6.00
10. Pedal cluster linkage-for parts and repair-one ball has been removed-$1.00
11. Relay board cover hold down bolt-$20.00-Sold.
12. Pedal board hold down bracket. Only one left. LH-$3.00. Round RH hold down-Sold.
13. Clutch cable trunion-$5.00-sold.
14. . Rear upper late style targa top bumper block-$15.00
15. DS sun visor mounting clip-$1.00
16. Targa top centering wedge w/screws-$15.00
17. Cigarette lighter housing-$10.00-Sold.
18. Clutch cable reverse bracket w/nut-$5.00-sold.
19. Engine lid lower latch receiver & mounting hardware-$25.00
20. Original style rear sway bar mounts with hardware & reinforcement plates, 70-74. Can be made to work with 75-76 by cutting off at the middle bend-$52.00
21. Used front Porsche hood badge with gasket. Will need new clips on the back posts-$34.00-Sold
22. Targa top seal trim piece-$1.00
23. Front hood lower latch with clip, and screw-$25.00
24. Electrical connector under PS seat (Seat belt interlock module connector, I think) $1.00
25. Two door jamb air vent grilles-$2.00-Sold.
26. Three gas tank straps. Two long, and one short one. $13.00 for two longs, and $5.00 for the short one.
27. Gas tank strap buckles-$8.00 each.
28. Gas tank strap spacer-$5.00
29. Set of door strikers-$7.00
30. Brake reservoir-has strainer, but cap is cracked-$25.00
31. One set left. Front targa latches. Has a over bent hook, and the other one has the lever broke off, and could make one good latch from the two-$16.00
32. Door stay. Needs new roller-$4.00
33. Upper rear trunk roof latch holder-$4.00
34. Tripometer reset cable, no knob-$10.00
35. Used Porsche 914 axle.
Only one axle left.
Two stub axles, and two CV'S.
On just one stub axle, and nut, have some bummed up threads on the very end-$95.00

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